NaPoWriMo – Day 12

Day 12

Prompt:  Things you’d like to say, but never would


It takes my eyes a little while

To accustom to the gloom

But when they do, the sight is vile

An apparition large does loom


My lover’s face is deathly pale

And whilst this is unreal

I take the chance to iterate

Exactly how I feel


“You’ve hurt me so, you boundless cad”

My eyes now open wide

“How could you leave me for that lad

Robed like an equine bride?


“I didn’t know you swung both ways

I thought you were my mate

I knew you liked your waifs and strays

But THIS?”  I shriek, irate


“You should have told me how you felt

About your so-called ‘friend’

And how, in his heart, you had dwelt

Likewise in his rear end!


“That’s what is hurting me so much

It’s not that you are gay

It’s that you trembled at his touch

And then with me did play


“You lied, defiled me, left me keen

With lust for you, you whore.”

I take deep breaths, I feel unclean

More outrage I do pour


The spectre turns to glare at me

Yet I’m not through thus far

I wail, “You’ll mess no more, you’ll see”

And then detect the door’s ajar…


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