NaPoWriMo – Day 13

Day 13

Prompt:  Go for a walk


I wait, watch the door, wonder how much more

of this I can take


The door opens wide.  Who is coming inside?

I sigh as I feel


the strong winter breeze, with great expertise,

snuff out candle flame


I glance through the dark, glimpse a dazzling spark

Yet he is not here


Though the night is mild, the climate is wild

I leave, walk alone


Mists across cornfields, displaying their yields,

wrap me in their haze


Leafy jade hedgerows, underneath which grow

vital nature trails


Sirens overwrite the still of the night;

I maintain my pace


Naked trees above, fully devoid of

leafy canopy


Twigs snap beneath me as I slowly flee

my own memories


I spot a clearing, circle appearing,

of logs round a fire


Embers still smoulder, I’m feeling colder,

I find a dead bough


I stoke up the fire, curse that fruitless liar,

I watch the flames swirl


Tiredness overwhelms, I drift to lost realms

until, I’m aware


My hackles are raised, I start to feel crazed,

I am being watched


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