NaPoWriMo – Day 8 – The Saga Begins

Day 8

Prompt:  Ottava rima


The sun shines down on me this perfect day

I lie and watch bright fluffy clouds float by

One makes a form that truly seems to sway

My thoughts to ones that almost make me cry

It shows me how my heart I stow away

For good this time and I cannot see why

But then the cloud changes – a phallic shape!

I soon forget my tears in this dreamscape


I find my mind turns to this wondrous thing

My appetite is far from being sedate

For even though I wear a wedding ring

My deep desire is first to copulate

I am alone, there is no-one to bring

An end to my heart-racing, flustered state

At once, the cloud transforms its hue and form

My passions die amidst the violent storm


I run the length and breadth of countryside

I look on high, another cloud to get

My passions to the fore, before they die

But rain pours down on me, I just get wet

And then I see him.  Tall and dark; my guide

Unguarded, I drop down, I am beset

My knees sink deep and firmly in the mud

I raise my blade and sever his manhood


The sun shines through the darkened sky once more

I lay and watch bright fluffy clouds float by

No more will menfolk grind me to the floor

No more will sorrow almost make me cry

My heart is liberated from the war

Torn thoughts of passion, that I must deny

I rest my head in hands bloodstained with guilt

Then wake all nice and warm under my quilt


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