NaPoWriMo – Day 9

Day 9

 Prompt:  Noir


Turning off my alarm

I drift off into another deep sleep

The gruesome sight of pain and slow death

Hangs before me

He didn’t see it coming

Blood stains the ground

Deep crimson against the sodden earth

Gently drying in twilight’s waning rays


I don’t know where to go

I am alone in the wilderness


Running from the grisly vision before me

What was I thinking?

I adored him, still do

My heart quickens as I remember

The nights of passion we spent together


Dark now, I see a light in the distance

Hurrying towards it, I slip on the sludgy ground

Blood-stained, mud-stained

Tainted by the untrained

Wasting of my dearest love

Run! Faster!

Don’t look back!

The pounding drum inside me

Beats its rigid rhythm


Closer now, I see the hut

Shadows of a flickering candle transform

Crafting a gnarly hand

Beckoning me to enter

Don’t look back!

I turn

One last glance at my lifeless lover

He is not alone

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