NaPoWriMo – Day 22

Day 22

Prompt: Pastoral

From my vantage point above
the fields and pastures green,
meadows full of rainbow flowers
lie ‘neath this grand ravine

I ponder how I lost my love
while watching shepherds herd
their flocks, reminding me of times
when days were not so blurred

I long to run through grasslands high,
feel wind rush through my hair
My golden locks medusa-like
will flail without a care

The sun will shine from deep blue sky
distinct from caverns grey
With arms outstretched, I take to flight
amongst the birds of prey

I soar among the downy haze
Swoop over canopies
of velvet evergreens so tall
Forget my agonies

Just who am I? My eyes ablaze
Who’s asking? Glide downstream
Open your mind! I spot my prey
Be not afraid to dream

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