NaPoWriMo – Day 25

Day 25


I felt a deeper lust for him
He brought me to my knees
But in the end, I could not see
The forest for the trees

He twisted me in such a way
He screwed my mind so hard
I felt I had to take him down
When he was off his guard

I will not dwell on misery
My flame will rise through this
I’ll save myself for a true knight
Who will not waste my kiss

But what is this I see ahead?
My path is blocked by him
I’m sensing he is not alone
It’s starting to look grim

He gazes hard into my eyes
I feel myself go weak
I mustn’t fall for his fake charms
My heart rate reaches peak

Yet still I love him, all the more
But why, I cannot tell
My heart skips beats and then I know
I have to say farewell

He’s moving closer now, I feel
His hands around my throat
I drown as I stare up at him
Struggle to keep afloat

I plead with eyes so full of love
Appealing to his heart
The ground becomes a feather bed
As I lay torn apart

I’ve paid the price for his wrong deed
My guilt will see no end
Just who was he to fail me so
I thought he was my friend

I face an unknown future now
Forever on the run
Where covert places call to me
My new life has begun

My new life has just begun
My new life has just begun

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