NaPoWriMo – Day 29

Day 29

Prompt: 5 foreign words

I contemplate my fate
Do I stay on this koule forever?
The deed I did was borne of hate
I didn’t mean to murder Trevor

Red envelope arrives
The time’s arisen for me to go
I gather up my knives
and leave this penalising plateau

A spaceship made of steel
containing shrubberies aplenty
lifts off, its garish squeal
abhorrent to my cognoscenti

Touchdown on terra firm
Open the access hatch, peek outside
Surprised, I start to squirm
My gaolers are lined up side by side

Shrieking ear-splitting sounds
They pin me down and gather back up
Smide me to hungry hounds
My deep compulsion is to crack up

Dirty floor, senses fail
Freedom gone astray for ever more
An end to my ard tale
Is coming soon. What’s that? A trap door!

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