NaPoWriMo – Day 30 – The End

Day 30

I’m feeling quite sad that I’ve finished my NaPoWriMo saga. It’s been fun!

Worming my way through the gap in the floor
I see light at the end of the tunnel once more
And I fall, just like Alice into wonderland
I brush myself off and try to look round

In the moonlight, a struggle for eyes to adjust
In the semi-dark, fumbling, my senses must trust
And then, Superbadger is beckoning me
To attend in his sett for a pot of hot tea

My former-docked lover is already there
He’s bigger than ever, with never a care
His horse bride sits next to him, taking a sip
The men in blue laugh, their dogs eat the dip

My knight shows his face, smiles a flattering grin
I’m confused and it’s sending my mind in a spin
The jackal and jackass sit firm on the ground
And the dark birds of prey are just milling around

Slithering snakes, devils, angels and gaolers
Forgiving me for my recent failures
Relief as I sit and enjoy the fine fare
Then I lay back quite wearily on the deck chair

Closing my eyes, I drift into deep sleep
Totally spent, needing no hurdling sheep
R.E.M. dreams begin filling my head
Ere I wake with a start in my own comfy bed

I blink once or twice, feeling stranger than ever
For what was, is not now, a gruesome endeavour
I shake my head, stretch, and feeling obscure
I make my way to the red bedroom door

Down to the kitchen and breakfast to make
A large cup of coffee, a huge slice of cake
I’m thinking next time, before bed, if you please
I’ll not eat so much of that rotten ripe cheese!

(If you are confuzzled, as I was, dear reader
and think me akin to a right royal bleeder
the clue was right there from the start of day 9
Now, if you don’t mind, mine’s a large glass of wine)

Cheers, everyone!

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