Vega and Haiku – ‘Bad cop’ walkus


Haiku: “Bad cop walk again.
Does she know where she’s going?”
Vega: “It’s a new field!”
Both: “Yay!”

Haiku: “This field is all ours.”
Vega: “Watch out for the Staffie pup!”
Haiku: “Mum! Pick me up, quick!”

Haiku: “Why’s it always me
who has to lie on my back?”
Vega: “It’s me, too, this time!”

Vega: “Buster’s not too bad.”
Haiku: “Why am I still on my back!”
Vega: “You can watch us play.”

Haiku: “Look! There! It’s our car!”
Vega: “Our cage isn’t in the back…
We can ride up front.” 🙂

Haiku: “We’re still in the back.”
Vega: “We can see where we’re going.
I like it this way.”

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