Close your eyes – A short story

Every morning, I am compelled by his power.

“Close your eyes”, he says in a tone all his own.

I disrobe and stand naked before him, trembling as the cold air caresses my flesh.

He counts down; three… two… one. Anticipation builds within for what is to come. I know there are others, but right now he focuses only on my body. I stand as still as I can as he scans for the slightest of movements.

After what seems like an eternity, he whispers, “open your eyes”.

Peering through still sleepy lashes, I obey and gaze at him intensely.

“Your balance is almost perfect.”

The corners of my mouth curl into a wry smile, yet still I wait expectantly. Within seconds, the moment arrives… a weight is lifted as I hear the fanfare.

Enveloping myself in the warmth of my robe, I put the Wii Fit balance board away until tomorrow.



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