I’m feeling inspired.

I haven’t written any poetry today, but my head has been full of my next ‘project’.

I received some fantastic feedback from a fellow poet after I performed a couple of my poems at an open mic night, Moving Voices, at The Art House, Southampton, last Friday. I’m a regular performer there, but it was my first time doing any proper performance poetry, “knees still quaking, but no paper shaking”.

I’m usually hiding behind my guitar, so to ‘come out’, so to speak, was quite daunting – and pretty amazing when it all went according to plan, and more 🙂

Myriam, from Makers Inc in Bournemouth, poetess extraordinaire and the organiser of a poetry slam underway at the moment, suggested that I combine my singing and poetry. My brain has been buzzing with ideas ever since, and inspiration hit me big time today.

No more hints for you just yet, but there should be something to listen to really soon.

Watch this space! Exciting times ahead!

Watch this space!

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