The Quest Begins

And so my quest begins – to post three things every day; one for each blog:

Jane’s Musing – Poetry and other scribbles
MoonRox – Music
Goldstart Fiction – Short stories, flash fiction

In theory, I could ‘cheat’ with Jane’s Musing by writing a haiku each day; and for a couple of weeks could randomly embed something from my Soundcloud into MoonRox; however, the Goldstart Fiction blog, by the very nature of it, is going to need a little extra effort.

Where to start? I enlisted the assistance of Graeme Sandford, and asked him for a prompt. Here is what he came up with…

“The life of a plankton on the bottom of the sea.”

Thank you very much for that, G – and a Hippity, Hoppity, Happy New Year to you, too! There’s nothing quite like a challenge to get the creative juices flowing.

And so, as I zip myself into my ninja onesie, I ponder. My first stop will be a trip to the research department to swot up on plankton life, and you can read the exciting adventures of Little Molly Plankton on Goldstart a little later today.

In the meantime, I leave you with a haiku:

Bottom of the sea?
Plankton? Are you serious?
All systems are ‘go’!


P.S. Trivia: A planktonic individual is known a ‘plankter’.

Update: Little Molly Plankton


2 thoughts on “The Quest Begins

  1. Wow! You are certainly very creative! It’ll take me ages to write a normal non-prose post for every one of my blogs. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

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