Spectrum Plectrum (Rainbow Beat)

A little ditty for the rainbow people 🙂


A song for all the rainbow people; musicians, artists and healers, to name but a few.

A true collaboration for me and my friend, Paul, after we met up for the first time in 32 years and came up with this psychedelic anthem of sorts.



Spectrum Plectrum (Rainbow Beat)

What’s the definition of a rainbow beat?
Get up and dance, put some colour in your feet
Listen to the spectrum plectrum play the guitar
Open up your rainbow heart

Look at little Harold singing in the street
Singing for his supper, with his parakeet
They’re the nicest couple you could ever meet
Because they’ve found their rainbow beat


Sally’s got her sketches laid out in the street
A carnival of colour in the noonday heat
Her picture’s tell a story that is oh, so sweet
Because she’s found her rainbow beat


There is a reflexologist whose…

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