What I Did For Me

I’m trying to see how my lyrics work as standalone poetry, but I can’t help but sing them, so I’ll leave it for you to decide.

This is something I wrote from a ‘dirge’ I was sent from my friend, Paul, with the recorded sing at the end.


You took my heart and threw it down the stairs
Right after me
You took my soul and left without a care
I could not see what you did to me

You took my eyes and blinded me with lust
Now I can see
You took my lips and filled them with mistrust
I could not speak, and you left me weak

You can take my heart and you can throw it away
But I’m still growing stronger every day
And I don’t need you to stand by me
You’re so much weaker than I thought you’d be
You’re just a bully and I was your prey
But now I’m growing stronger every day
You can take your pain and your life’s disarray
‘Cos I’m not a toy for you to play with
You can’t make me blow like a chain reactor
Now I’ve found the way to my true character
F*ck you boy, I’m happier on my own
Now my life ain’t like a f*ckin’ combat zone

I took my mind and sought something profound
Something for me
I took my soul, I turned my life around
Now all can see, what I did for me


5 thoughts on “What I Did For Me

  1. I can hear the lyrics and it makes the song come alive – less so (in this case, I feel) as a poem; though it does have some good poetical qualities. g:)

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