Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty


The sound of a sleeping kitten
softly purring on your lap
invokes a meditative state
and you relax,
feeling the healing vibrations
resonating through your legs;
Your eyes feel heavy.
You close them.
“Just for a moment,” you tell yourself,
taking in this wondrous feeling.
The kitten curls into a ball.
You can’t disturb her peace,
but neither can you sleep.
Your legs start to feel heavy… numb.
Time passes.
Nature calls.
Still the cat sleeps on.
You wiggle a little in your comfy chair;
there’s a slight movement –
one furry little leg stretches out.
You’re getting desperate.
“Come on, kitty, wakey wakey”
Purrrrr, purrrrrrr, purrrrrrrr.
A head lifts; emerald eyes squint your way.
You squint back – you know cat-speak.
You raise your hand to stroke her gently;
just a little nudge and she’ll surely give way.
A light trickle of blood.
Another scar to add to the collection.
Such is life.


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