A bunch of hippies jumping off the roof..

We need more dreamers and misfits 🙂

The Art House

For a bunch of hippies who had faith enough in others to jump off a building and grow their wings on the way down, we haven’t done so bad. But my Dad is ill and The Art House needs some help to get through this summer.

As an experiment in how to run a value-driven arts venue, that receives little funding and with a cafe that wins awards for it’s ethics and quality, we’re frankly all amazed to be going still, into our 8th year. Blessings to the thousands of people who have contributed to this achievement – you know who you are, patrons, all. Literally, every tiny action has kept us afloat and allowed us to reach distant shores we wouldn’t have dreamt of when we set out. If you are reading this, this probably means you.. so thank you.

[Find out more about our fund here: http://thearthousesouthampton.org/patrons-needed/]

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