From my window

Early morning;
crisp virgin snow.
Tiny tracks
barely pressed
by early birds.

Moments pass;
silence broken
Weary souls
weave their path
past my window.

Little feet follow;
tiny tot boots
follow in steps
slowly melting
as sun rises.

Hurry, scurry;
footfall frenzy.
Morning wonder
torn asunder
by man-made soles.

Evening flurry;
snowflake sprites
paint pavements –
Wash of white
in the moonlight.

Night-time storm;
raindrops hail.
Rivulets form
as teary streams
down window panes.

Daylight’s call;
waters drum
as puddles form,
and early birds
catch their worms.


6 thoughts on “From my window

  1. Thank you. It was inspired by a morning walk to the bus stop. I have to cross a supermarket car park, and I was the first one to do so, apart from some tiny bird foot prints. When I crossed it again later in the day, it was full of cars and all the snow had gone.

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