I came across this form of poetry on the Two Paise Poems blog. 2PP (my nickname for her) is a wonderful poet who always writes a little piece on the style she has used for each poem (very educational and a great source of prompts). She is on bed rest at the moment, so why not pop along and say hello to cheer her up a little.

Pleiades is a seven-line stanza using the first letter of the one-word title for the start of each line – so I’ve written four and linked them together.

“Spare a penny for a cup o’ char, miss?”
She looked at his vagabond’s attire;
stopped to chat for a while;
stared into his empty cup.
Sensing his sincerity,
stooped to place a crisp note within.
Sobbing, she said goodbye.

(Meanwhile, in a parallel universe)

“Give me all your money, bitch!”
Gazed down the barrel of his gun;
Gasped as his wide eyes threatened –
glazed and drug-fuelled –
glaring into her very soul.
Gingerly, she handed over the crisp notes.
Gently, she said goodbye.

(When universes collide)

“How much did you get, bro?”
“Hardly enough for a meal – twenty.”
Hands flash twice to signal.
“How about you? All she had?”
“Hey! What can I say? I was packin’ a pistol.”
Heated words ensue. One dollar bills.
“Holy crap! She only had ten!”

Many would rather give to the poor;
men (and women) who, from the floor,
make a moral, if not tragic, living.
Mindful of the feelings of others;
massage the emotions of those who pass by.
Maintaining clarity of thought – cup, not cap, in hand,
maybe, they’ll be milliners one day.

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