The Box

I watched, motionless, as the sun set on our life.
I let you walk away.
You didn’t look back.
I packed the last of your belongings away in a box.
Sealed the lid on what once was.
You didn’t return.
The box remains; a constant reminder of you.
Square, uninteresting and covered in dust.


17 thoughts on “The Box

  1. But at some point you gotta move on
    Giving it to charity or something to do

    You gotta let go of the past
    Otherwise it will hunt you and ruin your blast

    Let go of the sadness and regrets
    Let go and see how dose you look to the world bend

    Bending along as your feelings change
    You will no longer feel as if you’re in a maze

    1. Thank you, although there is no actual box. As somebody very close to me wrote:

      I embrace the past and all within,
      without which I would not be.
      I rediscover hidden layers;
      detach from delusions
      to know myself;
      find liberty.

      Thanks again for popping by and sharing your wisdom 🙂

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