He was filled with contempt
He made no attempt to change
His disparaging remarks
Fired like sparks at close range
He abused as a blackguard
He swaggered, he swayed
A most dishonourable scoundrel
With a mind full of shade
A disreputable squealer
Come to steal her, abscond
The worst of the mirthless
A wild, worthless vagabond

I was challenged by Kriswasp to write something with the words ‘blackguard’ and ‘vagabond’.

22 thoughts on “Scoundrel

  1. Perfect, summer me up perfectly! (I’m joking).. I really enjoyed reading that and think the ‘challenge’ was a great idea.

      1. Jim Bean beter, I just went to read his blog and I think the man is drunk most of the time he writes…..
        But a nice unique voice he has, and obviously you guys quite knowledgeable about this art for of writing

      2. Ha! Believe it or not, he hardly ever drinks alcohol, and only in very small quantities when he does. He just has a very active imagination and is very silly 🙂

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