I didn’t lick the cat!

I licked it, so it’s mine.
Even though I dropped it on the floor.
I picked it up within three seconds.
That’s the rule, isn’t it?
But I’d licked it and it was sticky
and there was cat hair on the carpet.
It might be mine,
but I’m not licking it again.

Inspired by absolutely nothing. I don’t have a carpet. I have nothing to lick. I do have a cat. I’m not licking the cat.

Rosie, the rat catcher. I didn't lick her.
Rosie, the rat catcher. I didn’t lick her.

8 thoughts on “I didn’t lick the cat!

  1. I can´t smile, my face is actually making strange gestures as in “gru gru, say whaaaat?!!! Liking cat hair….say whaaaat?!!!”
    Inspired by absolutely nothing….you say, you certainly quite a weird imagination, and that´s a compliment by the way.
    It did actually make me smile.

  2. Thank you, Charly. My imagination surprises me, sometimes. I’m sure you have a lovely smile 🙂 (I’m sure I saw a pic of you pop up as your avatar the other day).

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