Cat and Mouse

Where does he go at night?
I lie awake, questioning
his whereabouts, my sanity.

The bed feels cold without him.
I wrap the duvet about me,
shivering, awaiting his return.

I hear the door close gently.
He sneaks, sure-footed, into my room.
Blood stench fills the air.

I tense, feel the mattress dip.
Tight-lipped, I say nothing, anxious.
Is he going to gift me his wares?

I feel him against my thigh.
‘Not tonight’, I beg of him, quietly.
He hears my silent plea, moves away.

I turn to where he lay, eyes wide.
“CAT!” I cry in disgust.
“Take your half-eaten mouse with you!”

Where does he go at night?


8 thoughts on “Cat and Mouse

  1. Ours leave them by the front door so that when we walk out in the morning we see their gifts. We have 4 that are all good mousers, even the one we inherited from my MIL that’s about 23 now.

    1. That’s a great age! My little Smokey was put to sleep a couple of years ago, aged 17. Now I have Rosie – she’s a great mouser. Never actually had one on the bed as she usually leaves them in the bathroom. A few weeks ago, she left us one on the floor at the bottom of the bed.

  2. Mine leave them on the front porch, in the driveway, in the walkway to the backyard… blech. As we must let them in, they cannot bring their “gifts” without our knowing it!

      1. That’s why I specified that I must open the door (a gazillion times a day). Now that you’ve written this story a cat flap will never be an option!

      2. In reality, our ‘cat’ flap is a dog flap so the little herberts can come and go as they wish – Rosie generally uses the bathroom window 🙂

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