14 thoughts on “Baldie Lookin’ Jane

      1. Oh no never performed. Just went in for lunch on occasion. The one for whom most of my poetry is about used to volunteer there, and I think for a while she sold her own jewellery too

      2. June 2009 I left. Art house stuff was summer 2008, mainly. I’ve been down 3 times since (to Soton), no idea when I’ll make it down next! Almost certainly not until 2016 at the earliest!

      3. That would have been at the old Art House in Bedford Place (my other half tells me). It’s now on Above Bar Street. I only started going in 2013, and that’s where I met the other half – he let me use his guitar for my very first, very wobbly, performance 🙂

      4. Yes that’s where it was! A bit small back then! I can’t play music so I don’t even try!! Very brave of you though

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