G.I. Jane – Key Changes

My name: G.I. Jane
I have made some Key Changes
Music Therapy

Never too late to support.

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G.I. Jane - Liberated!
G.I. Jane – Liberated!

14 thoughts on “G.I. Jane – Key Changes

  1. If I had money I would donate, but as of right now I have 5$ for the whole month, so go figure how am I going to make it through.
    Anyways, good luck, and you are in a band? So your famous then!!! I´m finally talking to a famous person, see? You just gave me a gift.

    1. Don’t worry about being unable to donate, Charly, your words are fine offering (especially the “hottie did hot”) lol

      I’ve been in a few bands – I was the first Brit female to do a live gig in China, in 1984. I now do mainly solo stuff either as me or one of my alter egos, or as a duo with Grae 🙂

      1. Sound´s good. I´ll have to dig out some other saying then…..

        Hey! Can I borrow your cell phone?….Just to phone God and tell Him He lost an angel.

        That has to be a winner.

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