Norwegian Blue

I put on my best outfit
Make my face up, do my hair
Want to look my bestest for you
So that you can see I care
Feel quite good about myself
When we are ready to go out
But at the dinner table you
Begin the niggles all about
How my looks are less attractive
And my waist is far too wide
I catch you ogling the waitress
When she stands right at your side
I feel inferior and ancient
My confidence, it hits a low
If that’s the way you want to play it
There’s a little place in Norway you can go

After the meal is done
(The insults coming thick and fast)
I infuse myself with wine
“No really, this one is the last”
You just can’t seem to help yourself
with speaking the harsh words
Not understanding the affect they have
Or how your mocking hurts
I’m even doubting my reflection
Sense dysmorphia rushing in
Feel I am no longer good enough
To feed your needs within
Yet, I smile in front of company
Don’t let my feelings show
If that’s the way you want to play it
There’s a little place in Norway you can go

I’ve seen this all before
I’ve had emotions such as this
Felt the gnawing in my gut
Sensed that something was amiss
Turned into a crazy lady
Thinking I was in the wrong
When told that I was ‘sensitive’
And needed to get strong
I am wiser now and learned
See it coming loud and clear
I see where it could lead to
In just another year
I think it’s time you took a holiday
I know just where you can go
Bought a one-way ticket for you
To a little place in Norway that I know


11 thoughts on “Norwegian Blue

      1. No need to feel sorry. It’s all experience to learn from and makes us stronger (or, perhaps, more cynical). I certainly won’t put up with that again – it took me a long time to get to where I am and it feels good to be able to poetry purge 🙂

  1. 1) I like Norway, at least in the summer, on a fully paid business trip

    2) much worse places than Norway and much farther away from UK

    3) sad that society and the media worship at the feet of twenty something perfect people and instill this worship in some of us

    4) life is a journey that often widens our bodies as well as our horizons

    5) I agree with the previous poster. If this is not fiction you need to have it out with this guy and let him know how you feel. Guys are slow learners. If he doesn’t come around. Dump him.

    1. 1. I’ve never actually been to Norway, but have some Norwegian friends. They have a place overlooking the sea that looks amazing. I’d love to see the Aurora Borialis some day, so perhaps I could convince my boss that somehow it would be beneficial for the company 🙂

      2. I’m sure there are, but none would fit the subtlety of where I was going with the poem 😉

      3. It happens. The media has a lot to answer for!

      4. Oh, yes, indeed! Fine food, wine and travel go hand in hand.

      5. See my reply to SoaB above. There has been a post or two recently from fellow bloggers that have touched on forms of domestic abuse, and I recognised a lot of the points made and felt inspired by the topic.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting and caring 🙂

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