The Quest Begins

And so my quest begins – to post three things every day; one for each blog:

Jane’s Musing – Poetry and other scribbles
MoonRox – Music
Goldstart Fiction – Short stories, flash fiction

In theory, I could ‘cheat’ with Jane’s Musing by writing a haiku each day; and for a couple of weeks could randomly embed something from my Soundcloud into MoonRox; however, the Goldstart Fiction blog, by the very nature of it, is going to need a little extra effort.

Where to start? I enlisted the assistance of Graeme Sandford, and asked him for a prompt. Here is what he came up with…

“The life of a plankton on the bottom of the sea.”

Thank you very much for that, G – and a Hippity, Hoppity, Happy New Year to you, too! There’s nothing quite like a challenge to get the creative juices flowing.

And so, as I zip myself into my ninja onesie, I ponder. My first stop will be a trip to the research department to swot up on plankton life, and you can read the exciting adventures of Little Molly Plankton on Goldstart a little later today.

In the meantime, I leave you with a haiku:

Bottom of the sea?
Plankton? Are you serious?
All systems are ‘go’!


P.S. Trivia: A planktonic individual is known a ‘plankter’.

Update: Little Molly Plankton



Happy new year to you, lovely reader.

I have made a resolution to post on my sites at least once each day. I have three sites – 1095 posts on their way to you!

I’ve also made a resolution to engage with everyone who comments on my posts. I’m very good at responding, but often it’s in my head with an internal promise to reply on ‘paper’ when I get home to my desktop PC where it’s easier for me to type; except now that I’ve got a tablet and a smartphone, I very rarely switch it on.

Which leads me neatly on to another resolution. Turn on the desktop PC every day and start writing and recording songs again – something I failed to do in 2014, due to having a new relationship, complete with kitten and puppies, and gallivanting around with my beloved.

I’ve missed the music even though I’ve been doing quite a bit of performing! There’s nothing quite like giving it my all in the broom cupboard (not a euphemism).

I look forward to getting to know you all via my new-found interactive mindset and here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Flash Fiction Competition

Having some time to fill now that I’ve finished the OU course, I’ve started up a little fun flash fiction competition. Open to all and FREE to enter.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all your scribblings. The submissions so far are quite wonderful.

Please share. The more the merrier 🙂