NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 5

The impossible dream

Cry your unbearable sorrow
Smile your incredible smile
Dream the impossible dream

Open your mind, look around
Close your eyes for a while
Cry your unbearable sorrow

Lightly tread; make no sound
Heavy heart from the trial
Dream the impossible dream

Run wild your ship aground
Walk softly down the aisle
Cry your unbearable sorry

High time to be crowned
Low beginnings to greater style
Cry your unbearable sorrow
Dream the impossible dream

Credit: The Impossible Dream (The Quest)



I’ve just won a ticket to a lyric-writing session with Chris Difford of Squeeze! So I’ve been looking through my lyrics.

These are from one of my tracks called “Order out of Chaos” (formerly “Chaos” until I put some order to it!)

About “Chaos”
Another collab with Jip, with me adding the vibes, pad of the orient, flute and vocals.
From the original da da da da das before I came up with any lyrics, I wasn’t happy with any of the melodies. This is the result of me getting bored with it and un-muting all the practice vocal tracks! Enjoy xox
You are like an ocean to me

Searching depths that no one must see

Stormy times
You are so very calm and clear

But murky secrets you hold dear

Steamy crimes
On the surface, so receptive

Underneath, highly deceptive

Darkness falls
Emotions caught in disarray

You cannot be who you portray

The siren calls
Each drop of life

That drops into your ocean

Ripples with love
Bounds into your heart


As all is one
Currents pull you down so deeply

Chaos drags you so completely 

In your mind
But deeper still, it’s in your eyes

Your surface tells your deep desires

Forever change
Your hopes and dreams drift with the tide

Never the same, your worlds collide

You’re rearranged
Each drop of life

That drops into your ocean

Ripples with love
Bounds into your heart


As all is one
You can find the track on Soundcloud/Janegoldsack or

Inspired by Hendrix

My tribute to Hendrix. Inspired to reblog by sonofabeach 🙂

Jane Sandford

Day 27

Prompt: Saying and the internet

I chose, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” so I ended up with some nice Hendrix quotes to play with, amongst others 

The story of life is quicker
than the blink of an eye
The story of love is
hello, goodbye
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

There is sorry enough
in the natural way
The power anyone has;
the power of silence,
instantly connects you

When the power goes out
I’m the one who has to die
when it’s time for me to die
So let me live my life
the way I want to

Death, sleep or hibernation
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

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No Matter (The Sock Song)

Williamleeone asked: “Have you seen my sock?”

I reply with the lyrics of a song I wrote a couple of years ago for a prompt, “Science”. I’ve never given it a chorus, and I’ll let the reader decide if it stands alone as a poem.

Matter doesn’t matter much to me
I’d rather look at stuff that I can’t see
And whilst this may seem like a paradox
It could explain what happened to my socks

Everything is in superposition
Neither here nor there until volition
And when you look it all snaps into place
Instead of hanging out in outer space

Nothing is the matter you might think
Your table, chairs, your cooker, kitchen sink
Empty space, mostly, all of that
Even you, your dog, your hamster, cat

Some days, when I choose to entertain
Assuming that my guests have half a brain
I’ll feed their minds with Schrödinger and Bohr
Until their fascination cries out, “More! More! More!”

And then I’ll pull out my best parlour game
Plancking – but it might not be the same
As lying down all flat like a beached whale
It’s similar, but on a smaller scale

Much, much smaller than the eye can see
But matter not, that’s how it’s meant to be
I do like thinking right outside the box
And it helps a little when I lose my socks
Yes, it helps a little when I lose my socks

Featured image: Me and the Poetic Moose busking at The Art House, 2013.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist.

What could go wrong?

I have a gig on Saturday;
that’s only a few days away!
I’m supposed to be at my best.
Instead I’m getting rather stressed.
I have a raging cold sore on my lip,
so, if anybody has a good tip
for removal of said abomination
(which threatens world domination)
please now speak
or forever hold your peace.
(I’ve got an awful feeling that on the night
it’s going to steal the limelight!)
It’s an eyesore –
not the cold sore –
the spot just below my eye!
Ruby red it is – I daren’t cry,
I might make it worse.
Instead, I turn to verse.
(Taking extra care in my mind
not to be the least bit unkind)
A week ago, I felt (and looked) great.
I was excited – couldn’t wait
to serenade with my song.
Now I also have an ulcer on my tongue,
reminding me that I need to rest.
(You couldn’t make this up!)
Then there’s the dress.
It’s a little gingham number – size 10.
I bought it last year – well, it fit me then!
I’ve put on quite a bit of weight.
Oh dear, I’m going to look a state
with nappy pins holding me together;
and ribbons to complete the tether.
My character will look a fright,
but all will be well on the night.
It’s a good thing the act is comedy –
I could hardly be taken seriously!
I’m hoping my impediments
will detract from the evidence
that I haven’t been too good
at practising as much as I should

Wish me luck!

How I think I'll look
How I think I’ll look