Take me


She crept softly into your room each night,
kissed your eyelids shut tight,
whispered, ‘I love you’ with all her dainty might.
You felt her presence, but didn’t see her;
she was the breeze that swept through the open window,
calming, cooling your burning fever.
She brushed away stray locks from your forehead,
perched silently on the edge of your bed
thinking of all the things she’d left unsaid.
Too late to speak; time had passed.
When she was taken, the die was cast,
the space between too wide, too vast.

You dreamt of her tonight; you uttered
her name, and when your lashes fluttered,
she knew to reach out – and what you heard
was the sound of harps and angels singing.
She took your hand, carefully bringing
you through with ease, heaven’s bells ringing.
Both now on the other side,
she looks once more into your eyes,
holds you in her arms, and through the sighs
she speaks the words she’s longed to say,
Smoothed all your hurts and fears away.
Finally as one, in death, to live another way.