Badriomaku – Bless you

It’s very hard to know when The Poetic Moose on the Loose is being serious, or when he’s having a larf. He makes up words and concepts all the time – it’s like living with the Monty Python cast!

So when he provides us with a new ‘Hungarian’ poetry format – badriomaku – I instantly look for the pun within the word. “Bad R I, O M Ku”? “Bad riom” (bad rhyme)? I can’t find a good one, so it’s either hidden in the depths of his rather silly imagination, or it’s a genuine poetry form he’s discovered. Either way, it now exists, so I’ve written one.

Without further ado, I present my badriomaku:

You are
so silly.
But you are clever –
the creator
of a new art form.

With a syllable count of 2-3-5-1-5-4-5, the Hungarian Badriomaku is interesting in that it gives you a structure that doesn’t fit any preconceived ideas.

I suggest all you lovely, wonderfully talented poets write one to kickstart its popularity 🙂