The Candle

Soft light as candles burn;
barely a flicker as you and I
into twinkling eyes gaze,
breath held lest we give away,
with heavy sighs,
our true emotions.
Ours is a forbidden love,
held together only by lust;
illicit, stolen moments.
Fingers touch, sparks fly,
neurons fire pleasure centres,
pulsating pressure overload.
Flames flicker as breath,
tells its own story.


Love in a Tub

Jasmine smoke assails my senses.
In scents, my soul is still.
Bubbles of juniper and thyme
wrap my body in warmth;
easing aches of yesterday’s labours.
Candle flickers;
dancing flame focuses the mind
on a single point of nothingness.
As I cleanse my whole,
thoughts turn to you;
the one who brought this to be;
the light,
the warmth,
the heady fragrance:
the love
in a tub.