Seagull Zebra Cling Film

We set off on our journey
taking guidance from a campervan
to have ‘adventure before dementia’.
We pondered this for a while,
with a sense of melancholy
at what had gone before.
Discussed whether we two, too,
were genetically dispositioned
to head down this road.
We continued on our way.
Silliness ensued between us,
as it does.
Niamh, our calming sat nav,
took us down long, winding roads
until we reached our destination.
We had adventures, us and the pups,
in woodland, fields, castles and sea.
We sat outside beachside restaurants,
sipping lattes and eating ice cream.
We laughed as the zebras swooped
and hid our cones from the beady-eyed cling films
that tottered up and down the promenade,
feathery thieves awaiting a chance moment
to snatch the last bite from your hand.
“Zebras?” “Cling Films?”
Makes you wonder.