Cake crumbs of loveliness

On Boxing Day, me and my beloved volunteered at our favourite café, The Art House.  It’s not only our fave because that’s where we met, but also because it allows us to be very silly and provides us with a platform for our creativity, be it performing poetry or busking.

The Art House is a not-for-profit CIC run by volunteers, serving deliciously scrumptious vegetarian food and is renowned for its awesome cake.

One of the perks of being a volunteer is the leftovers. We came home with a mahoosive coffee and walnut cake, past its best, but with only one slice gone from it (as well as a few other random slices).

Now, we like cake. We like cake a lot. But even I was overwhelmed by so much cake and, so, I had to think of creative ways to upcycle.

Here we have yesterday’s quest for nomliness – a tiramisu-style, um, well, tiramisu.


And here’s how to make it.


4 slices leftover coffee and walnut cake
2 tbsp Biscoff crunchy spread (just because)
250g of mascarpone
1/2 pint thick, low-fat custard
2 tbsp double cream
Chopped walnuts (taken from top of cake)
Dark chocolate coated coffee beans

What to do

1. Bash up the cake into many crumbs of loveliness
2. Stir in the Biscoff crunchy spread
3. Mix mascarpone with custard and double cream
4. Layer cake and creamy mix
5. Top with chopped walnuts and coffee beans


Watch out for another leftover cake recipe tomorrow 🙂


Dead Lines

They’re out for coffee, but she’s all alone,
because he’s focussed on his phone.
Ignoring her, lost to another;
She’s really wondering why she bothers.
She’s bought him dinner, which she’ll cook
and he’s sure to take another look
while she’s slavin’ in the kitchen
And through all this, she ain’t a-bitchin’.
It can only hurt her if she cares
and the feelings she once had aren’t there.
Perhaps she’s become desensitised
to him looking into another’s eyes.
She’s truly grown, used to the words
she once thought of as her worst curse.
None of that really matters at last;
she’s making tracks along a new path.
She’s got a focus all her own –
no longer will she feel alone.

In fact, the opposite might be true.
When work is done, and he is, too,
he may just find that in the evening
when once they shared time, interweaved in
comfortable silence, or music playin’,
she’s no longer there, finding her way in
new horizons, finding her feet –
people to do and things to meet.
The dead lines lie upon the page
as she opens the door to a new age.

Afternoon Tea

Remember those things you used to do
before there was a me and you?
Those things made you who you were.
Don’t think that just because we’re together
what once was has to change.
You don’t need to rearrange.
Remember days out with your friends,
drinking coffee, laughing till you’re round the bend?
None of that has to end.
And please don’t worry about me.
I’m strong enough to see.
And I need my alone time sometimes too.
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
When opportunity comes to call,
take the bull by the horns;
jump right in and have a ball.
And if you find you’ve a prior appointment,
don’t see it as a disappointment.
Weigh up your options.
What’s a once-in-a-lifetime meeting
compared to a regular monthly seating?
I don’t want to be the excuse you make.
I don’t want to feel that I have taken
your freedom away.
So what do you say?
I hope it’s a hearty “yes”,
so you can be your very best
with no regrets.
I’ll be here when you come home,
still loving you.