Cerulean Skies

Cerulean skies rise above peacock and sapphire seas
Milky washes lap on southern shores
Pups play on buttermilk sands
We hold hands
Snuggle up against the ocean’s bite
Until we run out of poo bags
And have to call it a night


What Rosie Did

Whilst holidaying in the Land of Corn
We left the cat behind
She cannot swim within the sea
For that would be unkind
She cannot walk along the prom
Or sit whilst we are dining
The pups, however, bound with us
(When not incessant whining)
I miss my little pussy cat
I’m sure she’s won’t feel hurt
For while she isn’t with us
Half of her’s on my T-shirt
I left it lying on the bed
And on it, she – demure –
must have laid her pretty head
And gifted me with fur

Fell Down Silver Mine

I fell down outside the Silver Mine
whilst window shopping.
It wasn’t the best place to leave a big rock –
between the window and the door –
quite shocking!
There’s no major harm; no cause for alarm,
just a bruised knee and a few broken nails,
and, for them, a lack of sales.
Because, whilst tempted to enter to buy a shiny cat,
my fumbling tumble put paid to that.
But, it’s early days of this holiday,
and the shop is quite close by.
Perhaps if I focus on spatial awareness,
I can give it another try… tomorrow