Double Trouble

A simple “sorry”
A “no need to worry”
A tender touch
Too much? Too much?

A sign of caring
An act of bearing
your soul to me
You see? You see?

Drop the pretense
No more defence
Can you be true?
Can you? Can you?

A “no”? A “yes”
Must I still guess?
I’m torn apart!
My heart! My heart!


In Stead

Your eyes, the ones I wish to see
A look to take to bed
Instead, they turn another’s way
Stony with adulterous lies

Your lips, the ones I wish to kiss
A word to fill my heart
Instead, find hollow promises
Tongued with lashing whips

Your mind, the one I wish to know
A thought to turn my head
Instead, alone with own I stay
Deep with shallow kind

Your hand, the one I wish to hold
With fingers firm entwined
Instead, it writes an ode from one
Adream with promised land

My heart, the one I cherish dear
Love, honour and obey
In steadfast faithfulness to me
This knowledge does impart