Memories of Hong Kong (80s/90s)

(Work in progress)

Concrete jungle, land of my father
Morning fog across the harbour
Bamboo scaffold scraping skies
Skyscrapers compete for size
In a city constructed but never complete


Neon lighting electric dreams
Expansion taken to extremes
Dirty cockroach-infested alleys
Horses racing in happy valleys
Startled by guns in the searing noonday heat


Toothless drivers pulling rickshaws
Foreign devils on guided tours
Old colonials in safari suits
Street vendors selling oversized fruits
Sticky and smelly, durian putridity


Public transport most exemplary
All the buses; PL, K and C
Ferries cross harbours to islands green
Jetcats and foils to a land unseen
Through a wall of thick and stifling humidity



Sunset junk rides to fisherfolk cafes
Weekend getaways for office staff
Seaside seafood snacks served swiftly
Intoxication comes by briskly
Hungover Sabbaths, repenting intemperance



Clams (Hong Kong style) atop spaghetti
Feeling green on unsteady jetty
Welcome breezes from South China seas
On land, Wanchai bound, explicit sleaze
They love you long time for temporary romance


Backgammon, mahjong played in the dark
Slow motion throng, tai chi in the park
Harmonic movements, sight to behold
Aged acquaintances, teeth of gold
Cleansing beansprouts in baskets at first light of dawn


Pictures gleaned from numerous sources; may not be 80s/90s