She’s out there


His ring is on my finger, where yours used to be.
And if your heart breaks again,
she’s out there, to help you pick up the pieces,
if you choose to let her in so deep.

My life is joined with his, as once we were two.
But if you open up your soul,
she’s out there, to guide you through the dark,
if you choose to let her shine her light.

My future is written, it’s time to move on.
And as I take this big step,
she’s out there, to take you forward,
if you choose to make her your destiny.


Remember, remember

The first week in November is a tough one for me.
The 2nd, 4th and 6th hold such sad memories.
Loss in the extreme, in only two short years.
Grieving for the three of them, haunted by my fears.

Next year I’ll make a promise to hold myself close.
Maybe take a holiday and give it my utmost.
The first week of November, in twenty sixteen.
I’ll write a happy poem to tell you where I’ve been.

Water under the bridge

We took a walk, you and I
Hand in hand, along the weir
We talked, we cried
You said you felt taken for granted
I apologised for that which
I now knew the sighs of
We walked over a bridge
Watched the water flow under
Taking with it our hopes and dreams



The copyright on this image is owned by Roger Gittins and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

5Ws + 1H

Why did you lie to me, darling?
Why did you break my heart?
Why do I feel this ache inside?
Why do I sense we must part?
How can I live with no trust?
How can I close my eyes?
How can I block out these feelings?
How can I keep the dream alive?
What can I do to please you?
What can I say in turn?
What will the future hold for us?
What actions can make our love burn?
Who said it was fine to tell falsehoods?
Who buried your heart in the sand?
Who turned your head away from me?
Who took your mind in their hand?
When I saw the words you had spoken
When you told me nothing was writ
When you didn’t think I’d find the evidence
When in between eyes it had hit.
Where do I go now, my darling?
Where will I find love that’s true?
Where will I next lay my hat down
Where can I stay safe, out of view?

Black is the Badge

When our eyes met, with rose tint hue
Things would not be the same
When our lips met, we two both knew
They were to meet again
Across the miles, my thoughts held on
To our next rendezvous
When we could hold each other tight
Dream dreams of me and you
Our dreams become reality
And still across the miles
My thoughts turn to the two of us
Our hearts both in denial
For what we both envisioned then
Was lasting love for life
Yet quick turned sour like milktop cream
Stirred thick with blood and strife
The poison courses, conquering veins
Where once emotion ran
And sees an end to all our gains
No more our fortune can
Without your love to guide me now
I am but burning shell
From sulfurous glowing of my fire
Black is the badge of hell

I’ve borrowed a few words here from Shakespeare and the like 🙂

Cat in a box

It’s a little bit funny; that feeling inside.
Where once you cared deeply, you’re now taking pride
in your dignity, patience and, even if still,
you express words of pain, this is just overspill
from a time when his actions and words cut your heart,
whereas now, in reality, you know it’s his art.
You can see where he’s at, for he’s just a man,
he thinks of himself, as only man can;
forging on without thinking of who could feel hurt;
he’s a cad, he’s a bounder, irrepressible flirt.
The problem is yours to deal with as you can.
Do you ride on the waves or wash off your hands?
Step back to move forward with strength in your soul
to consider the path to your ultimate goal.
Destroy all you have through the she with green eyes
Carry on in acceptance, look up to the skies,
with one head in the clouds and the other in sand,
a cat in a box and your suitcase in hand.
Should you open the box, see if dead or alive?
Either way, you know deep down that you will survive.
Hey! Hey!

Picture credit: Stack Exchange – Physics