Morning text

Because I’m a dizzy doozy at the moment.  I wouldn’t normally share my texts, but this morning’s are a bit special 🙂

From he to me

Loving you with all my heart and soul
Take care, my darling, please be whole
Step lightly and take Nature’s wine (H2O)
And I hope today you will be fine.



From me to he

I found it hard when time was due
For me to wake and start day through
My mind was fuzzy, body shook
Not in a way where I could ‘up’

I’ve had a shower, taken meds
But whoozy, doozy in my head
I’ll go to work and play the martyr
Look forward to the evening’s start … Er

Poetic licence, I took there
So you, my dear must alst take care
Drive carefully, with eyes on road
And easy when you shed your load!

Loves you, Babaloo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Apologies for any delay. This message has been to space and back.

No trees were harmed in the sending of this message; however, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


Because you’re worth it

When crossing boundaries you’ve set,
he’s showing signs of disrespect.
A little here, a little there
are sure fire signs he doesn’t care.
Your feelings hurt, your love subsides;
you sense you’re taken for a ride.
His acts put paid to words he speaks;
your mind starts reeling, something reeks.
There’s something rotten; in a state
you seek to refresh, but it’s too late.
Yet find more things in heaven and earth
and motion set for your rebirth.
Because you’re worth

She’s out there


His ring is on my finger, where yours used to be.
And if your heart breaks again,
she’s out there, to help you pick up the pieces,
if you choose to let her in so deep.

My life is joined with his, as once we were two.
But if you open up your soul,
she’s out there, to guide you through the dark,
if you choose to let her shine her light.

My future is written, it’s time to move on.
And as I take this big step,
she’s out there, to take you forward,
if you choose to make her your destiny.

The butterfly effect

Their eyes met across the lush green field.
He’d never seen her before,
but one look was all it took.
He couldn’t help himself.
Her long, blonde hair drew him in.
He rushed to her.
They talked, they laughed –
for a while.
Time stood still; all else faded –
for a while.
They parted with a smile,
and went on with their days –
he to his wife, who had watched and waited, nervously,
a short distance away.
They never saw each other again,
but lives were destined to change.

Remember, remember

The first week in November is a tough one for me.
The 2nd, 4th and 6th hold such sad memories.
Loss in the extreme, in only two short years.
Grieving for the three of them, haunted by my fears.

Next year I’ll make a promise to hold myself close.
Maybe take a holiday and give it my utmost.
The first week of November, in twenty sixteen.
I’ll write a happy poem to tell you where I’ve been.

Your Calling (Please Hold)

One from the bookshelf 🙂

Jane Sandford

I can’t love you at the moment
I’m engaged on another soul
Your love is important to me
Please continue to hold.
Somewhere down the line
I’ll give you my full attention
You’re currently number two in the queue
Number one needs more affection
I can’t love you at the moment
I’ll be with you when I’m free
When I’m finished on this personal call
And I’m back to loving me

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