The point was well and truly missed.
Instead, he became defensive, reactive.
Was it a guilty conscience?
She couldn’t tell.
She became confused; afraid to speak.
Her words were being taken in the wrong way.
Best to keep quiet for a while –
at least until his sense of humour returned.

I shook her; metaphorically.
Told her to get a grip; open her eyes.
She didn’t know, couldn’t know,
that he’d been in love with me
for the past six months
and saved all his funnies* for me.


*possibly a euphemism


Recycled words

The words he wrote for you;
restored from the recycle bin of his life –
tweaked a little, saved as ‘for you’.
A generic ode that speaks to all,
much as the words of a tarot reader.
Each believes their substance is ‘for me’.
You hold the message in your hearts,
watching and waiting for the future,
when all that is told becomes truth.
I spoke to one whose fortune was told.
You are waiting for synoptic lives to come to pass;
a tall, dark, handsome man
whose palm you cross with silver and gold
before he disappears into the night,
notebook and guitar in hand.
He wrote you a love song,
and when you played hard to get,
he gave it to another.

Inspired by Hendrix

My tribute to Hendrix. Inspired to reblog by sonofabeach 🙂

Jane Sandford

Day 27

Prompt: Saying and the internet

I chose, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” so I ended up with some nice Hendrix quotes to play with, amongst others 

The story of life is quicker
than the blink of an eye
The story of love is
hello, goodbye
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

There is sorry enough
in the natural way
The power anyone has;
the power of silence,
instantly connects you

When the power goes out
I’m the one who has to die
when it’s time for me to die
So let me live my life
the way I want to

Death, sleep or hibernation
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

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In Stead

Your eyes, the ones I wish to see
A look to take to bed
Instead, they turn another’s way
Stony with adulterous lies

Your lips, the ones I wish to kiss
A word to fill my heart
Instead, find hollow promises
Tongued with lashing whips

Your mind, the one I wish to know
A thought to turn my head
Instead, alone with own I stay
Deep with shallow kind

Your hand, the one I wish to hold
With fingers firm entwined
Instead, it writes an ode from one
Adream with promised land

My heart, the one I cherish dear
Love, honour and obey
In steadfast faithfulness to me
This knowledge does impart

Black is the Badge

When our eyes met, with rose tint hue
Things would not be the same
When our lips met, we two both knew
They were to meet again
Across the miles, my thoughts held on
To our next rendezvous
When we could hold each other tight
Dream dreams of me and you
Our dreams become reality
And still across the miles
My thoughts turn to the two of us
Our hearts both in denial
For what we both envisioned then
Was lasting love for life
Yet quick turned sour like milktop cream
Stirred thick with blood and strife
The poison courses, conquering veins
Where once emotion ran
And sees an end to all our gains
No more our fortune can
Without your love to guide me now
I am but burning shell
From sulfurous glowing of my fire
Black is the badge of hell

I’ve borrowed a few words here from Shakespeare and the like 🙂

The Candle

Soft light as candles burn;
barely a flicker as you and I
into twinkling eyes gaze,
breath held lest we give away,
with heavy sighs,
our true emotions.
Ours is a forbidden love,
held together only by lust;
illicit, stolen moments.
Fingers touch, sparks fly,
neurons fire pleasure centres,
pulsating pressure overload.
Flames flicker as breath,
tells its own story.

He loves me…

He loves me, he loves me not.
He loves me, he loves me not.
I pluck each petal carefully,
taking care not to count too far ahead.
I don’t want to know – not really.
Whilst there are still enough petals
for the secret not to be known,
I crush the daisy underfoot.
He loves me, he loves me not.
That’s his business;
not mine.