I can dream

I dreamt last night that I was a luddite;
that all my clicks were stiletto heels on parquet flooring,
leaving their mark like eager fingernail trails down your spine,
as we danced to our tune.

I dreamt last night of universal blackouts;
the only light from candle flames,
with reflections of the satellites and stars in our eyes
as we shared a celestial experience.

I dreamt last night that you and I put down our weapons of mass distraction;
took a moment to be in the moment.
Sat beneath the forest canopy and listened to the midnight choir
of bird and beast.

Awoke this morning to reality.
Alarmed by phone and tablet taunting.
Drawn to electronics that haunt like a disfigured crack whore who’s just found her spoon.
Number-crunching at first light.
Checking your score for
The knight was gone too soon.
Replaced by a backlit face.
Man becomes machine.

I dreamt last night that I was a luddite.
I clicked my fingers…
and I was gone.