Dream catcher


He shows his heart on his sleeve
Whispers sweet nothings and writes odes to me
A true gentleman in every sense of the word
Kindred spirit who unlocks birds from cages of their own making
Mage, sage; with wisdom beyond his years
Alleviates fears with a wave of his wand
Wraps tongue around songs whose lyrics trip seductively from lips to lips
He’s a thinker; our meeting a happenstance
A more-than-happy coincidence, if truth be told
He’s a legendary knight of old; a nightly apparition
On a mission vis-a-vis our shared vision
He’s a dream catcher with a rare ability to spin those dreams into reality
Neither a borrower nor a lender be he; creates for all and gives for free
He weaves his words carefully
A romantic sonnet or a saucy haiku
Uniquely crafted to see me through to day break
He takes his leave at sunrise
Slips silently into the crevices of my mind