“May I?” asked May

“You may”, replied her mayte, her femayle mayte, Maybel.

Serving up the mayn of mayze, May sat down opposite Maybel, and smayled sweetly.

Maybel was dismayed; trying to mayntayn her maydenhead was a mayjor task, despite the macramay chastity belt.

Looking around the maysonette, Maybel spotted a maylshot from the maytre d’hotel on Mayne Street.

Maybel was amayzed!

She mayntained that she had mayde a mayple syrup mayonnaise for the maytre d’ on Mayday, and he had maybe fed it to the Matriarch of Mayhem, Naomay.

A maylstrom was whipped up, mayde worse when May’s mayle mayte arrived.

Maybel was tempted to maym the mayle, for his mayntaining that he would maybe take her maydenhead.

Instead, she dressed in her chainmayle and, flicking her mayne, mayde out with her maykeshift mayte, June.