Dark days

Dark thoughts

Missing the sun ☀️


In Stead

Your eyes, the ones I wish to see
A look to take to bed
Instead, they turn another’s way
Stony with adulterous lies

Your lips, the ones I wish to kiss
A word to fill my heart
Instead, find hollow promises
Tongued with lashing whips

Your mind, the one I wish to know
A thought to turn my head
Instead, alone with own I stay
Deep with shallow kind

Your hand, the one I wish to hold
With fingers firm entwined
Instead, it writes an ode from one
Adream with promised land

My heart, the one I cherish dear
Love, honour and obey
In steadfast faithfulness to me
This knowledge does impart

Slide to unlock

She can’t talk.
She can’t talk to him anymore.
He used to make her laugh,
now he just laughs
at everything she says.
She can’t talk to him,
because he’s not interested
in anything her way.
She’s looking for intelligence
that is not mimicry.
She’s looking for a romantic word
that doesn’t come.
She’s looking for the compassion.
that he shows to others,
when he doesn’t have to
look them in the eyes.
She’s looking for clarity
that clears the air;
that doesn’t involve riddles
that doesn’t take guesswork,
that doesn’t weave a web of lies.
She’s looking for anything
that will show a little depth.
Only she’s not looking.
She’s stopped looking.
It’s easier not to speak.
She is locked in her mind.
And when she doesn’t look, she finds;
in the most curious of places,
in the least likeliest of faces.

For Meredith

Love in a Tub

Jasmine smoke assails my senses.
In scents, my soul is still.
Bubbles of juniper and thyme
wrap my body in warmth;
easing aches of yesterday’s labours.
Candle flickers;
dancing flame focuses the mind
on a single point of nothingness.
As I cleanse my whole,
thoughts turn to you;
the one who brought this to be;
the light,
the warmth,
the heady fragrance:
the love
in a tub.