Sunrise and Sunset


You are of the moment
The alpha and the omega
Sunrise and sunset
First joy of the morning
Last comfort of eventide
When night falls
You become a shadow
Cast by the moon
Just another dream
Before a new day dawns



It’s such a shame my whispered plea
Fell on deaf ears, too blind to see
You pushed me once; I held my ground
Then twice; I didn’t make a sound
The third time, I refused to fall
I wouldn’t let you take my all
The fourth time, I let loose the tether
The fifth, I pulled myself together
Sixth and seventh scored my mind
Cut deep, but then you fell behind
There was no eighth as I moved on
I found true love, your time was done
You begged for chances nine and ten
I didn’t slip; go back again
With dignity, small steps to start
I ventured on with open heart
Which told me of the way to follow
Where words would never ring as hollow
I trusted with bright, widened eyes
Let universal forces guide
They led me first to lush green fields
Where, one with nature, all my shields
We’re dropped as I lay in the grass
And watched as cotton clouds blew past
Seconds flew, yet time stood still
My soul had found its own free will
I danced under a third-full moon
Brought forth a guardian angel’s tune
Circular fifths in harmony
A sweet, seraphic melody
Next, to deepest forests, whence
Developing a keen sixth sense
I talked to trees and hugged them tight
Felt their warmth all through the night
Small woodland creatures joined me there
Seventh heaven, wisdom shared
Eighth and ninth days passed me by
As time once more, refused to fly
And by the tenth, the calm descended
All was clear; I had transcended

The World Around Me

The World around me has changed.
Shining light from a billion stars
brightens the night skies.
Music tickles the senses
once deaf to nought but shaded thought.
I see the twinkling in your eyes
when I close mine.
Whilst you are no more in substance,
your spirit is everywhere.
You are the breeze that ruffles my hair;
the sun that kisses my flesh;
the raindrops that wash away my tears;
the moonbeams that open my heart
to water the earth with love.

Dandelion seeds


I will write of shiny things
And perhaps one day
I can reach out and touch
a heart enough to say
‘I liked what you wrote today;
You made my soul sing’

I’ll talk of trees,
Of branches and leaves
I’ll regale with a tale… or two
Of rainbows and sunshine
Birds and bees
The sun, the moon

I’ll form words so bright
To share with the universe
Echoes of starlight
Reflected in their eyes

There will be no goodbyes
Only celebrations of tomorrows
As the breeze blows them to me
Floating on waves of warm air
Like dandelion seeds