NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 7

Girl with rainbow umbrella


Shower me with shiny things
– with gold and silver
Shower me with goodies
– chocolate and wine
Shower me with e-trinkets
– phones, tablets, PCs

I’ll stay under my umbrella… ella… ella
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Shower me with the rain
I’ll weather the storm
Dance naked on the grass
Feel the dew between my toes
Forever yours
Hey! Hey! Hey!


NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 2

Fallen Trees In Green Coniferous Forest


Whispering winds wake the trees from their slumbers
Limbs stretch, dancing to sweet melodies
White clouds form and glide across pastel skies
Time passes, white turns to grey
…. to black
Winds from whispers
…….. to cries
………… to crashing symphonies
…………….. to graceless thrashing
A creak
A split
There’s nobody around
What is this sound?

He loves me…

He loves me, he loves me not.
He loves me, he loves me not.
I pluck each petal carefully,
taking care not to count too far ahead.
I don’t want to know – not really.
Whilst there are still enough petals
for the secret not to be known,
I crush the daisy underfoot.
He loves me, he loves me not.
That’s his business;
not mine.


It’s such a shame my whispered plea
Fell on deaf ears, too blind to see
You pushed me once; I held my ground
Then twice; I didn’t make a sound
The third time, I refused to fall
I wouldn’t let you take my all
The fourth time, I let loose the tether
The fifth, I pulled myself together
Sixth and seventh scored my mind
Cut deep, but then you fell behind
There was no eighth as I moved on
I found true love, your time was done
You begged for chances nine and ten
I didn’t slip; go back again
With dignity, small steps to start
I ventured on with open heart
Which told me of the way to follow
Where words would never ring as hollow
I trusted with bright, widened eyes
Let universal forces guide
They led me first to lush green fields
Where, one with nature, all my shields
We’re dropped as I lay in the grass
And watched as cotton clouds blew past
Seconds flew, yet time stood still
My soul had found its own free will
I danced under a third-full moon
Brought forth a guardian angel’s tune
Circular fifths in harmony
A sweet, seraphic melody
Next, to deepest forests, whence
Developing a keen sixth sense
I talked to trees and hugged them tight
Felt their warmth all through the night
Small woodland creatures joined me there
Seventh heaven, wisdom shared
Eighth and ninth days passed me by
As time once more, refused to fly
And by the tenth, the calm descended
All was clear; I had transcended

From my window

Early morning;
crisp virgin snow.
Tiny tracks
barely pressed
by early birds.

Moments pass;
silence broken
Weary souls
weave their path
past my window.

Little feet follow;
tiny tot boots
follow in steps
slowly melting
as sun rises.

Hurry, scurry;
footfall frenzy.
Morning wonder
torn asunder
by man-made soles.

Evening flurry;
snowflake sprites
paint pavements –
Wash of white
in the moonlight.

Night-time storm;
raindrops hail.
Rivulets form
as teary streams
down window panes.

Daylight’s call;
waters drum
as puddles form,
and early birds
catch their worms.