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She can’t talk.
She can’t talk to him anymore.
He used to make her laugh,
now he just laughs
at everything she says.
She can’t talk to him,
because he’s not interested
in anything her way.
She’s looking for intelligence
that is not mimicry.
She’s looking for a romantic word
that doesn’t come.
She’s looking for the compassion.
that he shows to others,
when he doesn’t have to
look them in the eyes.
She’s looking for clarity
that clears the air;
that doesn’t involve riddles
that doesn’t take guesswork,
that doesn’t weave a web of lies.
She’s looking for anything
that will show a little depth.
Only she’s not looking.
She’s stopped looking.
It’s easier not to speak.
She is locked in her mind.
And when she doesn’t look, she finds;
in the most curious of places,
in the least likeliest of faces.

For Meredith