Ch… ch… changes

Watch this space
Watch this space

There come some times in life, my friend
When things you love must reach an end
This is the time to take good stock
Untether ropes, and break the locks
Think how and when you’ll start afresh
To show to all your very best
Your juices flow as ideas burn
Into your brain, they take their turn
There’s one ‘so good’, you disregard
Another ‘great’, yet you discard
On the pyre, they turn to ashes
Remnants oft inspiring flashes
Seeding themes of high intentions
Setting lowly contraventions
’til you realise that your time
Would be better spent not in rhyme
But ‘action’ to enable you
To reach your target through and through
And so it is with heavy heart
My quest begins – a brand new start
I’ll wipe the slate the cleanest yet
A daring challenge I have set
You may not see me on your screens
But trust me that behind the scenes
I’m working hard at quality
Enough with ‘Top Trumps’ quantity
Whilst it’s ‘such fun’ in the short term
After some time, it makes me squirm
You’ll see much less of me, my dear
But I’ll be back, never you fear
With vengeance? Nay! Just a new look
A shiny, sparkly reading nook

Exciting times ahead
Exciting times ahead