Cat in a box

It’s a little bit funny; that feeling inside.
Where once you cared deeply, you’re now taking pride
in your dignity, patience and, even if still,
you express words of pain, this is just overspill
from a time when his actions and words cut your heart,
whereas now, in reality, you know it’s his art.
You can see where he’s at, for he’s just a man,
he thinks of himself, as only man can;
forging on without thinking of who could feel hurt;
he’s a cad, he’s a bounder, irrepressible flirt.
The problem is yours to deal with as you can.
Do you ride on the waves or wash off your hands?
Step back to move forward with strength in your soul
to consider the path to your ultimate goal.
Destroy all you have through the she with green eyes
Carry on in acceptance, look up to the skies,
with one head in the clouds and the other in sand,
a cat in a box and your suitcase in hand.
Should you open the box, see if dead or alive?
Either way, you know deep down that you will survive.
Hey! Hey!

Picture credit: Stack Exchange – Physics


Poor me!

“Please help me”, he cried,
and I stood by his side
“Help me, then help me some more”
I let him offload;
his problems so flowed
until helping became just a chore

“Why do you not help?”
His voice was a yelp
“I cannot until you decide
to take some advice
and not even think twice
about dropping your ego and pride”

He looked quite perplexed,
and what happened next
was bewildering to say the least
He fell at my feet
and continued to bleat
of the troubles he had with his ‘beast’

“I’ll say just once more
before I turn a bore
You must drop your pride or face the fall”
Yet still he could not
understand what he ought
And he hammered his fist through the wall

I looked and then sighed.
Could I still be his guide
or must he abide with his lot?
I was keen to assist,
but he would so persist
in not helping himself – not a jot

He was lost in his mind,
he just could not unwind
My vigour was all but deplete
I could now sink or swim;
go all out on a limb
Try to ‘fix’ him or concede defeat

The bubble then burst
as I chose to put first
My own needs above his complications
Now I feel so content
at my rapid ascent
Having built up some solid foundations

What I’m trying to say
in my own little way
Is that sometimes you just can’t succeed
When you’re fighting alone
at what others bemoan
And they’ve no real desire to be freed

When feeding off kindness,
a strange type of blindness
can overcome those who can’t see
that they DO have a choice
and the right to rejoice
no matter what others decree