NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day 7

Girl with rainbow umbrella


Shower me with shiny things
– with gold and silver
Shower me with goodies
– chocolate and wine
Shower me with e-trinkets
– phones, tablets, PCs

I’ll stay under my umbrella… ella… ella
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Shower me with the rain
I’ll weather the storm
Dance naked on the grass
Feel the dew between my toes
Forever yours
Hey! Hey! Hey!


Your Words

The words pour from your heart;
torrential outpouring of feelings
with little thought to substance.
Articulate ejaculate;
literary sustenance.

Your words flow on the page;
raging rivers of expressions
you long to forget.
Wine-soaked memories;
ink-blotted tearstains of regret.

The words blur in the rain;
blue-streaked papier mâché form
thrown without elegance
into the storm;
lost to the elements.

Picture credit: Casablanca

From my window

Early morning;
crisp virgin snow.
Tiny tracks
barely pressed
by early birds.

Moments pass;
silence broken
Weary souls
weave their path
past my window.

Little feet follow;
tiny tot boots
follow in steps
slowly melting
as sun rises.

Hurry, scurry;
footfall frenzy.
Morning wonder
torn asunder
by man-made soles.

Evening flurry;
snowflake sprites
paint pavements –
Wash of white
in the moonlight.

Night-time storm;
raindrops hail.
Rivulets form
as teary streams
down window panes.

Daylight’s call;
waters drum
as puddles form,
and early birds
catch their worms.

The World Around Me

The World around me has changed.
Shining light from a billion stars
brightens the night skies.
Music tickles the senses
once deaf to nought but shaded thought.
I see the twinkling in your eyes
when I close mine.
Whilst you are no more in substance,
your spirit is everywhere.
You are the breeze that ruffles my hair;
the sun that kisses my flesh;
the raindrops that wash away my tears;
the moonbeams that open my heart
to water the earth with love.