Follow, follow, follow, follow

If I have started to follow you
When you already thought I was
It’s not because I unfollowed you (deliberately)
It’s really just because
I have such clumsy fingers
When clicking on my phone
And Reader has become a pain
I guess I’m not alone

Featured image: Bonus poem 🙂


I have a Brazilian

I have a Brazilian.
It’s not what you think;
I’m happy to be hairy –
though I do keep it neat.
Beach ready?
I don’t need a shaven haven
to determine that.
My Brazilian is in the form
of a regular here.
One who’s shown up on my stats
throughout the year.
I’d like to say a big thank you –
for taking interest in my scribbleydoo –
I just don’t know who you are,
but you’re in third place so far!
It would be nice if once or twice
you said ‘hello’ in order to show
your identity. 🙂
Before I go
I’d just like to say –
Obrigada / Obrigado
Life goes on, brah!
La la how the life goes on