What Rosie Did

Whilst holidaying in the Land of Corn
We left the cat behind
She cannot swim within the sea
For that would be unkind
She cannot walk along the prom
Or sit whilst we are dining
The pups, however, bound with us
(When not incessant whining)
I miss my little pussy cat
I’m sure she’s won’t feel hurt
For while she isn’t with us
Half of her’s on my T-shirt
I left it lying on the bed
And on it, she – demure –
must have laid her pretty head
And gifted me with fur


Passion Killers

Tonight, you’re mine completely
Apart from the puppies and cat
But there’s nought I can do about that
I’d kiss you passionately
But I’ve just seen the dogs lick you on the lips
And no doubt you saw them do the same to me
Just after tea
Don’t worry, it was kinda funny
And I kept my mouth closed
Here comes kitty
She’s just been scratching in her litter
and now she’s on your lap
All good; no mishap
Sweetheart, tonight you’re mine completely
What flavour bubble bath?